Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jer vs Malaria Round 1

Well, I am still alive here in Papua new guinea. I have nearly survived my first month here despite all the things that have happened and things are really starting to get busy for me here as I am beginning to train the ministry team here at JKM ministries.

I want to tell you a little bit about papua new guinea, to give you all an idea of what it is like here. A typical day consists of me waking up in the morning, saying hello to the cockroaches which are crawling all over the place, and trying to avoid stepping on them as I make my way to take an ice cold shower because there is no hot water here. This is where I begin to kill mosquito's, which fly up from their secret hiding places all over the house. The mosquito's here are pure evil, and they gave me malaria within the first few hours upon my arrival here in Papua new guinea. They also leave scars all over my skin for some reason which have been taking weeks to heal.

But all this is a normal part of our daily life here in Papua new guinea, so it is quite the adventure. I have never seen a single Gekko in my life until I came here, but now I have learned that this lizard is my best friend. So I have spent the past few weeks catching the gekkos which crawl all over the walls, and have been trapping them in my bedroom so that they can eat all of the mosquito's and insects which attack me in the night. The roads here in Lae, are the worst roads I have seen in my entire life. It is so bumpy, that where ever we drive we constantly say "Hallelujah!" because our arms and body's are always flying into the air as we navigate these dirt roads littered with never ending potholes, and pits.

We are in the middle of the jungle here, and when I say jungle, I mean this is it, the actual jungle. I have seen animals, and insects that I thought couldn't or didn't exist. I actually saw a BLUE bumblebee, and I mean BRIGHT blue, I couldn't believe it. Everything here is LUSH green, and you can put a seed into the ground and it will grow without any help from you. It rains here ALL THE TIME. The Spiritual atmosphere, and condition of this country is so rich with love for God, that he has blessed it tremendously with rain, and the hand of God is actually pouring out his blessing on the nation of papua new guinea because of the spiritual condition of this country. It is amazing to see how steadfast, and strong the Christians are here, I am surrounded by people who have given their entire lives to God and live by complete faith in him, and because of it he has blessed them tremendously. There are no movie theatres here in Papua new guinea, because when they were introduced there was a decline in morality so the church actually burned down the cinemas, or converted them into churches. So the Christians here spend the time that we spend on entertainment, in the presence of God, seeking him, and praising him.

It is a normal thing for me to hear people CRYING out to God from their homes, and praising him with their whole hearts. In fact I have never experienced anything like it before. God has revealed himself to this people, and they are living and breathing God.

I have begun to train the JKM (Joseph Kingal Ministry) Team here in Papua new guinea in media. Our goal and purpose here is to film the crusades which we are hosting all over the entire country, and to broadcast the messages all over the world through television and DVD production. This is a very difficult process, because I am personally pioneering the first media of any kind here in Papua new guinea. Media is in it's infancy, so in the entire country of 6,000,000 people, our ministry has the opportunity to broadcast the crusades and the message of the gospel on the only channel on television here in new guinea.

So what we do will be seen by the entire nation, and will be sent through DVD's all throughout the surrounding nations. Because of the impact of what we are pioneering here in Papua new guinea, the devil has been really attacking me on every side. So please pray for me for protection, and for the boys that I am training here.

I unfortunately have run out of time, and Kinna (money) here, so I will update my blog with more pictures shortly.

God bless and keep me in your prayers.


Amyoo said...

God Bless you Jeremy. That girl and that gecko is so adorable!!

tactile said...

amazing stuff! Wow what an experience.I wish I would have done this in my life!