Saturday, May 23, 2009

Volcano Island

Volcano Island from Jeremy Heemskerk on Vimeo.

Rabaul – Volcano Island

I am excited to announce, that my video for our Rabaul Crusade is finally finished! This will be my final video of my time here in Papua New Guinea because next month, I will be returning home to Canada to prepare for my wedding on Sept 26th. For those of you interested in attending my wedding please contact me at for all the details.


Just the word “VOLCANO” strikes terror, into the hearts of people all over the world. The thought of molten hot magma and billowing ash spewing from the earth with hundreds of megatons of explosive power are enough to strike fear into even the bravest of souls. So what in the world are we doing going to a place where witchcraft is common, and a live active volcano, like a ticking time bomb could blow at any time?

Well, we are going there to preach the gospel of the kingdom of God and to hold a crusade in one of the more remote locations on the island. And who could need this message more then these people of Rabaul, who are still recovering from the last eruption in 1993, which destroyed their entire city, and left everything buried beneath layers and layers of volcanic ash.

So we packed up all our supplies and went with our ministry team to the airport and boarded our flight to Rabaul. But whenever Pastor Joseph and I get on a plane to do anything related to ministry something really scary always happens, and this time was no exception. What started out as a beautiful sunny day with clear skies, and white puffy clouds soon turned real sour as the sun vanished and storm clouds began to appear. Our plane began to circle around in space trying to locate the runway, and turbulence began to shake the plane while thick darkness restricted all visibility. There was no telling where we were going, and I was afraid that the pilot might land us in the ocean.

The plane began to make noises like a woman in labor, and the flight attendant rushed back to her seat to buckle herself in, and positioned herself for a crash landing. I knew now that something was terribly wrong, because I have never seen a flight attendant act so quickly and look so frightened. If she was this scared with all of her years of flying experience, I knew we could be in for some serious trouble. So I closed my eyes and kept praying as I tightened my seatbelt and dug my fingernails into my chair.

Despite all of this turmoil, the pilot managed to find an opening and decided to go for it. Within seconds the plane turned at a 90 degree angle and rapidly began its terrifying descent through the storm clouds towards what I could only hope would be the runway. Sure enough the wheels smashed into concrete and the whole plane jerked as we made contact and eventually came to a screeching halt.

At last we had arrived, and for the next 10 days we began to preach at the crusade in the remote jungles of Rabaul. My mission was to record everything on camera, and for the first time since my arrival we had the necessary equipment to make that happen.

Just prior to our trip, a kind old lady donated 9000 kina to our television ministry for the purchase of the final studio camera we had been praying for. Now fully equipped, we were ready to record the messages and broadcast the crusade throughout the entire country of Papua New Guinea.

With the construction of the stage complete, the lights were installed; power was brought in and soon people began to gather around to see what was happening.
Each day excitement increased as more and more people came from the surrounding villages to see what was happening at the crusade. And within the first few nights of the crusade, through the preaching of Buck Stevens (New York), and Joseph Kingal, over 200 people came forward to surrender their lives to Christ.

God began to take over as their faith increased, and lives were being changed nightly as people responded to the word of God. God also confirmed the preaching of the word through miracles that began to happen, as people brought their sick to the front of the stage to be prayed over.

The most spectacular miracle I have ever seen happened right before my eyes. Some people carried a woman who was confined to what appeared to be a wooden chair to the front of the stage. And the pastor prayed over her, and took her hand and told her to stand up. Her faith was so great, that she immediately stood up, and received INSTANT healing from complete paralysis for the past 4 months.

She went up on stage and testified with many others to the miracle working power of God through Jesus Christ. Another woman who was struggling with a heart condition of 13 years came to the crusade and also went forward for healing. God gave her a word about the paralytic that Jesus healed, so she believed that God was going to heal her too, and as the pastor prayed over her the power of God filled her body, and she was completely healed.

Overall, the crusade was an incredible success and over 800 people came forward to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

I want to thank Buck Stephens from New York for coming to the crusade and investing his time to advance the Kingdom of God here in PNG. Many people including myself were touched by his ministry, and were blessed by his book “The coming Financial Revolution.” He had to leave early to go to his son Ben’s graduation, but we really enjoyed his stay with us and will keep him in our prayers.

Jeremy Heemskerk

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mount Hagen Adventure Video

I am proud to announce to you that my very first web video is finally finished. This is the video I filmed of my road trip with the pastor and his family to Mount Hagen, where we were invited to preach to the high school students. It was a powerful trip, full of excitement, and lives were changed, so I am proud to show you just a small glimpse at what my life here is like in Papua new guinea.

I am going to be posting more video updates, as I conclude my time here in PNG, so stay tuned for more exciting videos, as the JKM Ministries changes lives in this amazing country.

Mount Hagen Adventure from Jeremy Heemskerk on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mount Hagen Adventure

I apologize for the long delay in keeping you updated on my time here in PNG, but I've made an exciting video for you all to give you an idea of how crazy my life here has been over the past few months. I am uploading it now, but the internet is so bad it may take a few days for me to find a faster connection. So when my blog update is done, I will email you again with another posting and a link to my blog and video.

We've been experiencing constant BLACKOUTS, and the biggest trial I've faced is the WATER BLACKOUT which has really been hard on me. I had just finished spilling my juice all over myself, and thought, "Oh, no problem... I'll just jump in the shower, and clean myself off!" but when I turned on the tap... NOTHING... the Dreaded WATER BLACKOUT, which occurs at the WORST possible times, like when I really have to go to the bathroom. But some of us make due by filling a sink with rain water and taking a much needed bath. Unfortunetly I am a little bit too big for that these days, so I have to make due with taking a shower as God intended outside in the rain.

So during these blackouts we rely heavily on fellow Christians who do have water to keep us alive and provide us with clean water for bathing and free use of their facilities during these unexpected occurrences.

Luckily we were able to escape from all of these trials here in Lae with an exciting trip to Mount Hagen. The drive was a grueling 12 hours over endless potholes, and treacherous roads, and we faced numerous challenges such as cramming 10 people into one vehicle, having no public bathrooms, and the constant danger of landslides which just last week buried 2 buses full of people. Despite all of this we pressed on confident that God would bring us safely to our destination.

On the way up the Mountain we stopped in the Chimbu Province where we were invited to dedicate a prayer house. The amazing thing about the people here is that they are so in love with God, that they actually build things called PRAYER HOUSES, where people from all over surrounding provinces can come and pray. We have enough trouble in North America just trying to get people to show up to our prayer meetings, so it was nice to see churches building these prayer houses to accommodate the people so they can spend time with God free from the distractions of everyday life.

After spending the night there and dedicating the prayer house, we continued our treacherous journey the remaining 5 hours and arrived in Mount Hagen just in time for me to crawl into a small village house that was hosting me and my friend Wilson where we were to spend the night. Sleeping in a village house is much different then sleeping in a home in North America, but the first thing you will notice is that there isn't very much room. There were 10 of us staying in the house with only two bedrooms, and I was sharing a twin sized bed with Wilson who refused to turn the lights out because of his fear of mosquito's which kept terrorizing him. So I wrapped my sweater around my face, and a child's blanket around my waist and experienced life in the village for the first time in my life.

Did I sleep? Well, not really... Wilson snores, it was boiling hot, mosquito's did eat me even with the lights on, and there were at least 2 springs poking into my back, but this experience really gave me a new appreciation for a nice soft bed, and a room free from the animal kingdom.

Thankfully my endurance paid off, and the local church was very hospitable placing all 10 of us in a really great hotel for the remainder of our stay. The very first thing I did was take a nice hot shower, which was a rare opportunity here in PNG and just as I slipped into bed and wrapped myself in my clean warm covers a knock sounded at the door with a voice telling me it was time to go.
The time had come for us to fulfill our purpose in Mount Hagen. We were summoned to preach at the local high school to over 300 students for the next 3 nights, and what happened the first night was pretty unbelievable. After powerfully proclaiming the good news to the students, pastor Joseph Kingal gave them an opportunity to respond and give their life to Jesus Christ making him their Lord and receiving him as their savior. I watched in amazement as over 100 students immediately came forward and for the first time in their lives put their trust and faith in Jesus as the Messiah. I witnessed students falling to their knees, some crying, some burying their faces in their shirts, all of them changed by the power that can only begin with faith in the Son of God.

So our trip was powerful, and as I spent time ministering to some of the high school students I realized that there was really nothing I could do for them, and nothing I could tell them about myself that would bring any lasting change into their lives. I could only do one thing, speak to them about Jesus Christ, and tell them how he changed me, and encouraging them in their faith, and that is exactly what I did.

Continue to keep me in your thoughts and prayers, and email me if any of you want any information on supporting me while I am out here in PNG.

Jeremy Heemskerk

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Battle of the Beasts!!

Papua new guinea is a land unlike any other land I have ever seen or experienced. It is a land from the ancient past, full of the most unique and incredible creatures I have seen on this earth. Many of you know that the rooster crows every morning at dawn, but here in PNG up on the mountains I found myself waking up to the shrill high pitched scream of thousands of insects singing a horrifying chorus, that would make your alarm clock sound like the voice of angels.

It took me days to finally catch one of these insects, and to my surprise it was an enormous nasty flying insect with wings the size of fingers. After careful examination I realized the source of the terrible noise came from it rubbing its wings together much like a cricket makes noise by rubbing its legs together. My friend Gibson took the creature, cooked it, and then ate it in front of my eyes. And that was the end of him... but the next morning there were hundreds more to take his place.

In only a few days I had already seen many different varieties of stick insects which are nearly twice as long as one of my hands and completely invisible among the dense foliage. The tail on the end of this beast is poisonous and while I was playing with it, he kept coiling it towards me like a scorpion ready to strike. But I am far too big for him to do me any damage. There are also many kinds of leaf like insects, which resemble grasshoppers but I really enjoyed the gigantic caterpillars which seemed to visit me on a daily basis. Many of the people are scared of these caterpillars because they believe they are poisonous, and maybe they are, but I seemed to have no trouble making friends with many during my trip here in Mount Hagen.

Besides many strange insects Papua new guinea is full of many different varieties of gigantic spiders. While we were all inside having tea and laughing into the late hours of the night, one terrifying huge hairy spider actually roped down from the ceiling onto one of the PNG natives that I was talking with. I can only describe it as the largest and hairiest spider I have seen yet with huge fangs. The spider latched onto his hand immediately and bit right through his skin and he literally had to shake it off with all of his strength because it refused to let go of him. After examining his wound I knew that he needed supernatural help, so I prayed over him and none of the venom seemed to take effect. But we all kept a close watch for any of his brothers, lest we had any more unexpected visitors.

The most terrifying of all the beasts that I met was a MASSIVE beetle with HUGE antennas and razor sharp pinching jaws that looked like they could chop off the tip of my finger. When I found him he was so angry that he began to rub his neck back and forth which produced a LOUD popping noise which basically told us that he wasn't very friendly. So I decided to put him in a jar, and lock off his oxygen so he would slow down a bit so I could take his picture. After leaving him in there for several hours, he didn't seem to slow down at all, in fact he was continually attacking the inside of the jar trying to escape. I got really anxious to take his picture so I decided to let him out, and boy was he ever angry. I only got to take this one picture because seconds later he shocked me by raising his massive shell and flying into the air. His wings and size were so huge that he was like a bird, and made a sickening fluttering noise as he took off towards the heavens never to be seen again.
We encountered all of these amazing creatures way up in the mountains here in Mount Hagen at the YYWAM Base. The most amazing creature that can be discovered is the one that can only be found in Jesus Christ. Through him we can become an entirely new creation, and during my stay my friend Gibson (the one who ate the bug) who lives at the base, began to ask me a lot of questions. And during our conversations, I told him about many of the things God has been doing in my life. But the one thing that really impacted him is when I told him that God wanted us to die, and for that to happen your old man had to be put to death. And I explained to him that baptism it is not just a symbol of Christ dying for you, but you are identifying yourself with Christ and you also have to die. And just a few days later I heard the incredible news that Gibson had decided to get baptized. So we all watched as several of the members of YYAM were baptized for the very first time in a small spring just behind the base. It reminded me that the same God that brought life to all of these creatures, wants to breathe new life into each one of us, but for that to happen each one of us has to first give up his own life, and follow him.

"Jesus said to her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believes in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live" John 11:25

Jeremy Heemskerk

Monday, December 22, 2008


Merry Christmas to all of the people scattered across this earth! I just got back from our second crusade to Finschhaffen, and it was an unbelievable experience. It was easily the most amazing and powerful crusade of the year, and one that I will never forget. Finschhaffen is the place where the first lutheran missionary's landed in papua new guinea only around 200 years ago, and in that short amount of time the entire country of Papua new guinea has been transformed, and has gone from tribal communities fighting each other with spears, wearing only grass skirts for clothing, and now is one of the most powerful christian countries in the entire world.

Merry Christmas to all of the people scattered across this earth! I just got back from our second crusade to Finschhaffen, and it was an unbelievable experience. It was easily the most amazing and powerful crusade of the year, and one that I will never forget. Finschhaffen is the place where the first missionary's landed in papua new guinea only around 200 years ago, and in that short amount of time the entire country of Papua new guinea has been transformed, and has gone from tribal communities fighting each other with spears, wearing only grass skirts for clothing, and now is one of the most powerful christian countries in the entire world.

This crusade was a very difficult challenge, as there was tremendous opposition for the team of men that went there to build the crusade sight. They had to go into the woods, cut down trees, and float the trees down the river. Then they hauled them to the site where the crusade was going to be held, and constructed the stage for the crusade. The biggest opposition that we faced was from the Lutheran Church and pastors, and they made sure they did everything they could to stop the crusade from happening. They actually beat 5 of the boys constructing the crusade, and chased them with bottles and crowbars. They also threw stones at the billboard and tried to stop the other churches from attending the crusade.

The crusade was actually cancelled until the member of parliament interceded and he brought the police to ensure the safety of the people, and then after much prayer we decided to proceed and trust that God would keep us safe.

So coming from Lae, where we were experiencing a water, power, Internet, and phone blackout, that's right, I said WATER BLACKOUT, I turned on the tap, and nothing came out. We hopped in a boat, and began our journey to Finschhaffen which can only be reached by boat, to begin our epic boat ride to this very remote community of 50,000 people.

This is the first crusade that we have ever done in this area, and the ministry's strategy is now to take the message of the gospel to the remote areas of new guinea, where people would not normally go. The first night of the crusade there was only a small crowd of brave souls who came to see what the crusade was all about despite the opposition, but it was such a powerful message, and the power of God was so present that word spread like fire, and people began to come from all over the remote community. Some people walked for an entire week, yes an ENTIRE WEEK, just to walk to the crusade sight, to hear the word of God preached. Some fathers put their children on their shoulders and walked for miles to attend the crusade.

It was the only crusade that has come to this area in 200 years, so the power of God was poured out and over the few days, and close to 4000-5000 people were attending the crusade every proceeding night. The gospel message was presented during one of the nights, and unbelievably over 1500 people came to the front for the very first time to give their lives to Christ. That's right, 1500 people out of the 5000 attending came forward and gave their lives to Jesus. It was absolutely unbelievable, and I have never in my entire life seen anything like it. It reminded me of the passion of the Christ, where against such incredible opposition, there was such an amazing impact.

During the day they had pastors preaching and discipling the people, and every night we continued to preach the gospel, and one of the most unusual circumstances was when the mayor, who was one of the people trying to stop the crusade had a complete change of heart after hearing the message of the gospel and seeing people respond. He started to wonder why he had tried to stop the crusade in the first place. The most powerful testimony was when two of the most notorious criminals in the area, gave their hearts to Christ and wanted to surrender their guns to the police officer that was there. How powerful the word of God can be, if only more people could hear it.

There were countless testimonies of healing, and I saw one old man leave his wheelchair behind and climb up on stage, and others left their crutches, and there was a powerful healing move of God. Overall it was the most amazing and powerful crusade I have ever witnessed, and there was an unbelievable response from the people of Finschhaffen.

It was also the most beautiful place I have ever been, despite being the hottest place possibly on earth. But to keep cool, we drove down every day to the waterfall in the area, or went swimming in the ocean. It was the most beautiful waterfall swimming hole I have ever seen, and I would spend my whole life swimming there if possible. The water is so clean, after swimming for 5 hours my hands were not wrinkly but perfect! I thought it was a miracle! There was one point where I climbed up to the higher waterfall after hiking through the jungle because I heard stories of a phantom cave that was at the top of the waterfall. You can actually squeeze through the cave at the top and tunnel your way through and then jump out from behind the waterfall. Well little did I know that Susan Kingal the pastors wife heard that I was on such a daring mission, and she would have none of it. And just as I was about to squeeze myself into the amazing cave, she showed up with a huge stick, and basically warned me that if I even dared to go in there she was giving me a beating.

So needless to say I ran for my life, and continued swimming in the most perfect waterfall that may exist on earth. So overall MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. We filmed the entire crusade, and will be broadcasting it in the next few months all over the country. We finished our first 3 productions here at the church, so my work is really starting to take off! It will be exciting to see the very first papua new guineans creating their own television all by themselves!

Anyways, thank you all for supporting me, and keeping me alive out here in the jungles, have a blessed MERRY CHRISTMAS!

And keep me in your prayers!

Jeremy Heemskerk

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jer VS Malaria Part 2

Much has happened since the last update, but basically Malaria was kicking my butt. So I kicked back! I went to the hospital for another blood test, because the Malaria was sneak attacking my body from it's headquarters in my liver. And the doctors came up with a plan which involved me getting my first needle in the bum.

I wish I could describe to you how embarrassing it is, me standing in a room full of nurses, ALL WOMEN, and they ask me to please bend over and pull down my pants. I actually argued with them but I realized that arguing with one new guinea woman is hard enough, but with 3 is next to impossible. So I remembered that this was a battle strategy to defeat the alien malaria virus which was taking over my body, so I humbly took the injection, and prayed for the best.

Believe it or not, my number one need here in PNG are T-shirts. For some reason I thought that I would be fine with long sleeved shirts designed for trekking in the bush. But I realized immediately upon arrival that I looked ridiculous, and that everyone in PNG wears T-shirts, so I stick out like a Water Buffalo in a swimming pool full of kids.

It is very exciting to be pioneering the first media in the church of PNG, and there has been so many challenges I have been facing here. The worst and most difficult challenge is the POWER. The power here in Lae, is basically hit or miss, they call it the land of the unexpected, because at any point in time the power will go out, and when it does it may be hours before it comes back on. So when I am in the middle of a lesson, and the boys I am training are finally catching on to some of the things I am trying to teach them BAM, BLACKOUT.

So one of the things we did during the blackout times, is we went to the Animal Habitat at the university here in LAE. And I have never seen anything quite like it. In North America the animals are basically all locked up and there's no way you can get anywhere near them, but here I actually got to touch a Python, and pet him like a dog. I also stuck a large stick inside one of the cages of a giant bird with a massive beak, and he didn't like that. So he fought with me over the stick for about 15 minutes, until finally I let him have it. Man, that bird really has a strong beak, he thrashed that stick real good the moment he got it. I was glad to give the bird some entertainment, because he just sits there all day waiting for someone to interact with him. He also talks, and repeats some crazy words in the native language of the PNG people.

The crocodile they have there is HUGE, and scares me, because I know that these beasts are all over PNG, they have both freshwater and salt water crocodiles, lurking all over PNG. This croc is one that I really don't want to run into. There are also PYTHON'S that stand like trees in the jungles, and they kill people on a regular basis. What they do is, they make themselves stretch vertically like a small tree, and wait for people/animals to walk by. Then they fall on their pray and immediately wrap themselves around you and begin to crush your bones. The lucky natives who have survived one of these attacks have found a way to trick the python. What they do is when the Python begins to wrap itself around them, they gather some sticks really quick if possible, and then when the python begins to squeeze them, they play dead and begin to snap the sticks in their hands. The python sometimes falls for it, thinking that the sound of the twigs snapping are the bones of the man. So after it hears the bones snap, it then goes to get water from a nearby river to replenish itself. This is when the native runs for his life, because a python once it targets its prey will not stop until it has finished the job, so it will literally chase you all over the jungle.

There is also a very dangerous bird in the jungles here of PNG, one of many dangerous birds. If you run into this one in the jungle, and get too close, it has VERY powerful legs, and sharp claws, and is known to kill many people that hunt in the jungles of PNG. When I was taking pictures of it, it immediately ran towards me, and tried to peck me with its massive beak. This bird is very mean, and I really hope that I don't run into one out there while we are travelling around the villages of PNG through the jungles. The eagles here in PNG are also VERY HUGE, the BIGGEST eagles I have ever seen. Many people are afraid of the eagles, because they have been known to swoop down and carry off small children in their claws. I thought the stories were a little bit far fetched, but I actually saw one of these eagles, and I couldn't believe my eyes. This is nothing like a bald eagle, this is MUCH MUCH bigger, and I have no doubt that it could easily carry off a child.

I just finished a radio interview which was broadcast all over PNG, about what I am doing in the country and what kind of impact it will have on the nation. It was a very powerful interview, and I was amazed at how powerful mass-media really is and how quickly it can impact a country. After my interview we had to get on our flight to Australia to pick up some video equipment that we needed. One of the flight attendants recognized my Canadian passport, and asked me if I was the one on the radio. He told me how blessed he was to hear my interview and was very encouraged by what I was doing in the country. The big challenge I have been facing is that we do not have the proper equipment we need to film the crusades and train the boys. I personally brought my own laptop and two hard drives, and everything that we need to do a basic production, and we are really praying that God gives us some financial support so we can purchase the rest of the equipment.

We are in Australia right now picking up our video deck and buying a brand new tripod and microphones for this next crusade we are filming in December. This is very exciting because we are going to take a boat to the island of Finschhafen where we will be holding a crusade for the very first time. This is exciting because it was on this island that the first missionaries came and preached the gospel, and from that one small seed, the gospel of the kingdom has been proclaimed all throughout Papua new guinea and transformed the whole country. So now we are coming back to the very place where Christianity was birthed and completing the cycle of evangelism which has circled the country.

Please continue to pray and support me while I am here in PNG, because this opportunity only comes once in a lifetime. Mass media has an enormous impact, and through radio and television we have a unique opportunity to have the church as the primary provider of media for the country instead of the secular world.

Please keep my health in your prayers, I have lost 20 pounds since my arrival here two months ago, and have been very weak physically. This next crusade we are filming is going to take a lot of energy and I will need all the strength I can get.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support, it is keeping me alive out here.

Jeremy Heemskerk

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jer vs Malaria Round 1

Well, I am still alive here in Papua new guinea. I have nearly survived my first month here despite all the things that have happened and things are really starting to get busy for me here as I am beginning to train the ministry team here at JKM ministries.

I want to tell you a little bit about papua new guinea, to give you all an idea of what it is like here. A typical day consists of me waking up in the morning, saying hello to the cockroaches which are crawling all over the place, and trying to avoid stepping on them as I make my way to take an ice cold shower because there is no hot water here. This is where I begin to kill mosquito's, which fly up from their secret hiding places all over the house. The mosquito's here are pure evil, and they gave me malaria within the first few hours upon my arrival here in Papua new guinea. They also leave scars all over my skin for some reason which have been taking weeks to heal.

But all this is a normal part of our daily life here in Papua new guinea, so it is quite the adventure. I have never seen a single Gekko in my life until I came here, but now I have learned that this lizard is my best friend. So I have spent the past few weeks catching the gekkos which crawl all over the walls, and have been trapping them in my bedroom so that they can eat all of the mosquito's and insects which attack me in the night. The roads here in Lae, are the worst roads I have seen in my entire life. It is so bumpy, that where ever we drive we constantly say "Hallelujah!" because our arms and body's are always flying into the air as we navigate these dirt roads littered with never ending potholes, and pits.

We are in the middle of the jungle here, and when I say jungle, I mean this is it, the actual jungle. I have seen animals, and insects that I thought couldn't or didn't exist. I actually saw a BLUE bumblebee, and I mean BRIGHT blue, I couldn't believe it. Everything here is LUSH green, and you can put a seed into the ground and it will grow without any help from you. It rains here ALL THE TIME. The Spiritual atmosphere, and condition of this country is so rich with love for God, that he has blessed it tremendously with rain, and the hand of God is actually pouring out his blessing on the nation of papua new guinea because of the spiritual condition of this country. It is amazing to see how steadfast, and strong the Christians are here, I am surrounded by people who have given their entire lives to God and live by complete faith in him, and because of it he has blessed them tremendously. There are no movie theatres here in Papua new guinea, because when they were introduced there was a decline in morality so the church actually burned down the cinemas, or converted them into churches. So the Christians here spend the time that we spend on entertainment, in the presence of God, seeking him, and praising him.

It is a normal thing for me to hear people CRYING out to God from their homes, and praising him with their whole hearts. In fact I have never experienced anything like it before. God has revealed himself to this people, and they are living and breathing God.

I have begun to train the JKM (Joseph Kingal Ministry) Team here in Papua new guinea in media. Our goal and purpose here is to film the crusades which we are hosting all over the entire country, and to broadcast the messages all over the world through television and DVD production. This is a very difficult process, because I am personally pioneering the first media of any kind here in Papua new guinea. Media is in it's infancy, so in the entire country of 6,000,000 people, our ministry has the opportunity to broadcast the crusades and the message of the gospel on the only channel on television here in new guinea.

So what we do will be seen by the entire nation, and will be sent through DVD's all throughout the surrounding nations. Because of the impact of what we are pioneering here in Papua new guinea, the devil has been really attacking me on every side. So please pray for me for protection, and for the boys that I am training here.

I unfortunately have run out of time, and Kinna (money) here, so I will update my blog with more pictures shortly.

God bless and keep me in your prayers.