Thursday, October 23, 2008

Papua New Guinea and still alive

Hello to all my supporters, and those who are spread over the four corners of this earth.

I have arrived in papua new guinea at last. I have been here for almost one month now, and things are much different then I expected them to be. There is no Internet almost anywhere, and things are much more expensive here. Our phone lines have been down since I arrived because someone decided to cut them out of the ground, and we have been waiting for the phone company to fix them. So because of that I have had no Internet until now, and my time is very short.

My trip down here was a nightmare, I have been under constant attack since I left Canada, and nearly lost my life here on the flight.

After spending an entire day packing from California, I embarked on my journey all the way to Australia pinned between two individuals who , gave me no arm room for more hours then I dare recount. It was a physically exhausting journey, and because of my seating arrangement it was impossible to sleep so I basically just hugged myself into a coma and prayed that God would knock me out. Well he didn't, but it was quite the experience.

After arriving in Brisbane Australia, I waited for my flight to Papua new guinea. Everything went smoothly and I boarded the small plane with only a handful of people to the main airport at Port Moresby. After almost 3 days of travel I thought that if I could just get to my final destination in Lae I could finally sleep. The enemy really didn't want me to come, because so many things happened to discourage me, and wear me down. My flight from Port Moresby to Lae was supposed to depart early in the morning, but they kept delaying it. So I kept waiting. The Pastor met me at the airport, and the first thing I noticed about papua new guinea is that IT'S HOT. It is SO HOT, that I sweat continually. I cannot believe it is this hot, I have never in my entire life experienced anything quite like it.

So we drove around the city waiting for our flight, then rushed back to the airport for our plane and guess what... DELAYED, so at this point I have not slept in almost 3 days, and I am so tired I am walking around like a zombie, and feeling so sick because of the heat I was sure I was going to pass out. But we waited, and then waited, and then waited some more. And finally late at night, our plane was scheduled to depart, and it was the scariest plane ride of my life. I was basically curled up in the corner of the plane, praying the entire flight. It was the scariest, and most insane plane ride I have ever had. The pastors wife was waiting for us at the airport in Lae, and she was standing outside the terminal and she witnessed everything that happened. It just happened that the man who was supposed to be operating the flight control at the airport in Lae mysteriously died, and word was sent back to Port Moresby to cancel all flights leaving for Lae. For some reason, they gave our flight the green light, and the pilot actually attempted to land the plane in the dark with no lights on the runway. Inside the plane I was so exhausted and the plane was so shaky, that I thought for sure that we were going to crash. I prayed the entire time, and at one point I actually said "Lord into your hands I commit my Spirit." The plane actually went UNDERNEATH the power lines, and was going to crash into the terminal building and kill everyone in the plane, and waiting for us. The Pastors wife outside cried out to God and said "God SAVE the PLANE! And raised her arms in the air, and at the last possible second, the plane rose into the air and barely missed the terminal. The police officer asked her after if there was a pastor on the plane, because he said that God had to save that flight.

So we flew ALL the way back to port moresby, and I waited all night for a motel, and a ride to the motel, and I finally got into the motel, got about an hour of rest, and had to wake up for the next plane to Lae in the morning. So to make a long story short, I am alive, and God saved me, and I have never been more exhausted or tired or sick in my whole life. But thank the Lord I made it here to Lae. It was an experience that I will never forget, and pray will never be repeated.

On top of all of this, within the first week of me being here I not only got Malaria, but the flu too, so I have been attacked in every possible way. But God has delivered me from all of these trials, and I have pressed on and am going to complete the task that he has sent me here to do.

We have been holding crusades for the past 2 weeks, including the weekends, and even in my horrible sick condition I was able to make it through the entire two weeks of filming. And let me tell you, the power of God is being released here in Papua new guinea. I have seen people healed, I have seen people crawling in the mud to the front of the stage as rain poured from the sky, as they gave their lives to God. We have had different speakers come from all over the country and preach over these two weeks, and people are surrendering their lives to Christ for the first time, no matter what the circumstances seem to be.

They worship God in the sun, in the rain, in the mud, they worship him like he's the only thing they have. And they are the most generous people I have ever seen. They pour what little money they have into the offerings, because they are so joyful. It is truly a wonder.

Well my time here is short, and I am really trying to update my blog, but there is little time and no Internet. I want to thank all of you who are supporting me, your financial support and prayers are keeping me alive here. I will be here until June 16th, which is 9 months. I am investing that time into this country, and I believe something here is going to give birth. This is the first time in the country that people are entering into media, so the opportunity to broadcast these crusades in this country is huge. Over 6 million people will get a chance to hear the Gospel preached on the only channel here on television because of the work that we are doing.

Please pray for me while I am here, because I seriously am under some heavy attack seemingly every single day.

I will update you all as time allows.

Jeremy Heemskerk


Darryl said...

hey pal. We've got you covered here. Remember Jesus learned obedience through suffering. He will not just keep you through this, He will shape you through this.

Thanks for updating your blog. we love to follow.

Jennifer said...

My dear brother, remember Psalm 91:9-16
We have been praying for you and we hope that God gives you the strength to continue. We love you and are praying for your safe return come June.

Michael said...

Wonderful to hear from you Jer! Your writing all at the same time terrifying, humorous, and insightful. Good job!

Rachel said...

Hi Jeremy~

I hope this day finds you healthy and blessed! I just finished reading your latest update and I have to tell you I was so scared for you. I praise God for the miracle He performed in saving your plane. God is so good! You've only been there a month have witnessed God changing people's lives both physically and spiritually. I will be praying for your health and that God will continue to use you for His glory.
(I love the pictures)