Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mount Hagen Adventure Video

I am proud to announce to you that my very first web video is finally finished. This is the video I filmed of my road trip with the pastor and his family to Mount Hagen, where we were invited to preach to the high school students. It was a powerful trip, full of excitement, and lives were changed, so I am proud to show you just a small glimpse at what my life here is like in Papua new guinea.

I am going to be posting more video updates, as I conclude my time here in PNG, so stay tuned for more exciting videos, as the JKM Ministries changes lives in this amazing country.

Mount Hagen Adventure from Jeremy Heemskerk on Vimeo.


Michael said...

I knew it would only be a matter of time until you began videoblogging, Jer!!!!!!!!

You done me proud!

Kerry and Denise said...

Thanks Jeremy for a glimpse into life in PNG and what God is doing there. We're proud of you!
In love and with prayers,
Kerry and Denise

Kristin Marie said...

You bring so much joy into my life Jeremy. I am so proud of you for committing your life to our incredible Lord. He is going to bless you tremendously because of your heart and faithfulness to him. You're SO talented and I am excited to be marrying such a wonderful man. Your video was the BEST...I love you ;-)

Twotenths said...

I think you should try more acting because you are very photogenic. Good looking even in my biosed opinion. The best parts are when you are actually being filmed while walking around explaining to us what we are looking at. Great Job!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bro, we all just sat around the computer reading about the bugs and watching you traveling around PNG. Family entertainment at it finest! The best part was watching your funny expressions on camera, you crack me up dude.

The Hooper's

Steven said...

If only you could hear me as i watched this video. the neighbors thought they let a monkey out of the zoo!!! Jeremy buddy, I loved your video! I could go on and on about the pros but I wish you would have done the entire film speaking dramatically!! hahaah j/k you look great. love ya bro and cant wait to see you in june.

David Ulg Ketepa said...


I am so jealous about you and the folks in Mount Hagen, PNG eating the pork meat (pig) as shown in your video. I've been away from Moutn Hagen, PNG for the last 9 years and have missed that source of protein for a long time. Hope to get back to my beloved country and see my family and friends and eat some of those pork.

All the best out there and God's blessings.


Detorit, MI

Jeffers Teargun Heptol said...

Thanks Jeremy, This is awesome! Lord bless you richly for what you are doing for the Lord in PNG!

My prayers are with you!


David said...

Jeremy, Iam blessed to see those videos you have posted. You have shown the world what the Lord is doing in PNG through His servants like Joseph and Susan Kingal.

Many Thanks

David Cassy

Ronald said...

Thanks Jeremy for being a Blessing to PNG. May the Lord continue to use you for His glory. May the influence of God's Kingdom radiate out of what you are doing. God Bless

Lihir Island

tactile said...

I really enjoyed watching this tonight with my wife instead of netflicks.I have to watch it a few more times to really absorb it better.Great stuff!